Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 6

Habakkuk 2:2
 -Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. 

Being human definitely has its good and bad days.  I woke up this morning just not right!  Angry and whiny, full of malice and venom, and ready to unleash it on the first unsuspecting clod that crossed my path.  I was even resenting the promise I made to myself to get something done.  I just wanted to curl up in bed and mope all day.

Then I visited one of my favorite sites ( and one of the first things I saw was a message from the founder, SparkGuy.  He said, "Visualize your goal for today and put it into action (I'm paraphrasing a bit for brevity's sake)."

I knew that no matter how late in the day it got, I was still going to have to put in my ten minutes, so the longer I put it off, the more miserable I got.  So I finally just started visualizing myself taking a mind-clearing, mood-lifting, perspective-altering walk around the park, and it worked!  Next thing I knew, I was lacing up my sneakers and heading out the door.

Now today was the day I decided that I was finally going to do it - walk the entire perimeter, 2.65 miles.  No matter how long it took, I was going to do it.  Besides, it probably was going to take that long to get my mind back in the right perspective.

I'd done the entire circuit before, so I knew it wasn't impossible, but I wasn't yet sure if my body was ready to tackle it.  Well, it was, and I am so proud to say that not only did I make it around the park in an hour (a 23-minute mile), but my mood is so much better.  I even came home and made a veggie-rich stir-fry for dinner.

Yeah, that visualizing technique really worked for me today, and spared some poor, unsuspecting soul from feeling my wrath.  I hope this helps you, whoever you may be...

6 days down, 359 to go!

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