Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3

Philippians 3:16 - But we must hold on to the progress we have already made.

Why is it when we make up our minds to do something, all kinds of obstacles and discouragements start cropping up? Oh yeah, there is an enemy called the devil who wants nothing more than to steal, kill and destroy. Well, I was able to give him yet another big, fat, juicy raspberry this morning. Not only was I rested this morning, despite the worries he tried to send me during the night, but I also got up and worked out, despite the clock saying I was going to be late if I did. On top of it, what he was trying to worry me all night about was the very vehicle that GOD used to get me to work early, NOT late!

Now how about that?

See? GOD wants us to prosper as our souls prosper, and if HE sees we're making headway into something that we have committed to HIM, HE protects what's HIS because HE is concerned about what concerns us. I may only be three days into this thing, but that's three days I didn't have before, so that's still something in the plus column, right? What's that saying? "The journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step."

I've made 3 steps, and I'm holding on to that progess, and keeping the momentum forward!

3 days down, 362 to go!

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