Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 16

Isaiah 43:22 - I, the LORD, said to Israel: You have become weary, but not from worshiping me.

Yeah, so true.  I was worn out, but defintiely not from staying in the Lord's Face.  As a matter of truth, I think I was so worn out because I stayed out of the Lords Face.

Didn't do anything unusual or out of the ordinary, but was so tired all day, I actually resorted to candy to try to boost my energy.  Then stopped to grab a sandwich for dinner on my home from leaving work earlier than planned ('cause I was so tired).  Met a friend in the parking lot and couldn't even stop to catch up ('cause I was so tired).  Ate my sandwich and promptly fell asleep.  Was awakened at 7pm by my nightly alarm.  Only had energy to do a few (and I mean very few) abdominal exercises, then went back to bed.

Gotta do something differently, can't keep being this worn out...

16 days down, 349 to go...

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